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We understand the difficulties that arise in life, and aim to create a healing environment through teletherapy, or in office experiences that allow the client to process and manage challenges such as: Stress and Anxiety, Trauma and Dissociation, PTSD/cPTSD, Depression and Grief, Life Transitions, and Transitioning for LGBTQIAP+. We treat many other issues as well. Send us a message and we can schedule a free (15 min video) consult to assess your needs. We look forward to working with you!

Healing Selves Therapeutics also offers Support Groups for Friends and Family of those living with a Dissociative Disorder and Clinical Consultation Groups for Clinicians treating dissociative disorders. See descriptions, registrations, and payment below.




Supporter's Group

"Supporters need support too! A support space for those that support Dissociative Systems"

This group is for those who support someone with a Dissociative System. It meets, beginning March 14,2024, at 6pm EST, biweekly. The cost is $40 per group. Upon payment a zoom link will be sent to your email.


Clinician's Consult Group (Coming Soon)


Support Groups:

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