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Let Go! Tips for #wellnesswednesday

We are in a busy, bustling society, that is ever changing and evolving. Many of us find ourselves attempting to hang on to thoughts, work environments, family relationships, and friends, out of fear of not having them, rather than fear of losing them!

Don't get me wrong, weeding out the toxicity in our lives is a scary task! After all, we've grown accustom to expect its negative, harmful appearances in our world. We have become stifled by the emotional responses because at least we "know" what to expect from our brand of toxicity.

What if we let it go? What if our experiences drastically improve without the toxic thoughts, environments, and relationships? I am here to tell you, you will never know until you take that risk!

And I will give you a money back guarantee, you won't be sorry!

When we clear out the "toxic stuff," we make room for healthy, healing, happy stuff! Sure there is anticipatory anxiety, but that is a small, short lived experience for a more holistic, fulfilled life. Perhaps your interest is peak, and you're pondering, "how do I let go of my toxic stuff?" Glad you asked!

#3 Steps for Letting Go

1. Be Mindful - Practice being aware of what you're thinking and feeling. If getting up and going into your office environment causes a panic attack every morning, it's not a good work environment fit for you. Being mindful helps draw awareness of what's not properly fitting in your life.

2. Journal - Journaling allows you to read and re-read the experiences, feelings, and thoughts. It's easy to forget how we were thinking/feeling and stay nestled in our faux friend of toxicity.

3. Self-care - Find your self care practice! It helps soothe the grief (yes there is grief from losing something that was worth losing), and expand your personal growth as you manifest new healthy experiences!

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