Areas of Expertise

Counseling and Substance Use Counseling

Counseling is the collaborative process of exploring situations, and experiences to ease emotional/mental discomfort. Together, we will create a flexible treatment plan to address your individual desired outcomes. Counseling is offered in office or via tele-therapy.

I am also a licensed clinical addiction specialist and can assist in creating and evaluating harm reduction plans congruent with where you are in the staging process.

Mindfulness-based Stress Reduction

Mindfulness is simply the practice of recognizing, increasing, and enhancing awareness. The benefits of mindfulness practice are evidenced by improved cardiovascular health, decrease in anxiety, improved sleep, and stronger immune system.

Clinical Hypnosis

Clinical Hypnosis is a tool used by trained professionals to facilitate the trance state. Trance is a naturally occurring phenomenon in which one is able to more readily access both psychological and physiological abilities. The vehicle through which we communicate messages to the unconscious mind is called suggestion. Individuals, through trance, are more open to positive suggestion, which allows them to make the changes desired in their life.

Internal Family Systems (IFS)

Internal Family Systems is an evidence - based approach in psychotherapy that recognizes an individuals sub-personalities, or parts/families. These parts can hold painful emotions or be wounded parts or parts that protect the wounded parts. Often parts are in conflict with the Self ( the compassionate,whole person at the core). IFS focuses on healing the wounded parts and restoring mental balance and harmony by creating balance between all parts and the Self (whole person).

Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT)

Dialectical Behavioral Therapy provides clients with skills to manage difficult emotions and reduce conflict in relationships. DBT focuses on 4 areas of technique; Mindfulness, Distress Tolerance, Emotional Regulation, and Interpersonal Effectiveness. These skills help individuals create a more balanced life.

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) 

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy is a form of psychotherapy and a branch of clinical behavior analysis. It is an empirically-based psychological intervention that uses acceptance and mindfulness strategies mixed in different ways with commitment and behavior-change strategies, to increase psychological flexibility.

Gestalt Therapy

Gestalt Therapy is a holistic view that individuals are connected to and influenced by their environments and that everyone seeks growth and balance. This approach places emphasis on the therapist's use of empathy, and unconditional positive regard to assist the individual in reaching their goals. Gestalt therapy focuses on the here and now, and approaches change by the acceptance of what already is. Interventions are comprised of exercises and experiments, based on the individuals preference, in the here and now.

Who We Are

Heather M. Scarboro, MEd, LCMHC, LCAS, NCC



Heather M. Scarboro is a licensed clinical mental health counselor, licensed clinical addictions specialist, national certified counselor as well as the owner of Healing Selves Therapeutics, PLLC. They have worked with special populations through the span of their 11 years of practice, such as, the elder care community, community mental health, university students, the LGBTQIAP+ community, plural community, and front line workers. Heather's specialty areas include traumagenic disorders, specifically dissociative disorders, as well as stress/anxiety disorders. They have been a passionate advocate for persons living with a dissociative disorder since their own diagnosis in 2002. Heather believes in the mind/body/heart connection and incorporates this into their treatment planning.  Their approach is based around the team model of collaboration and evidence based practices.

Heather also enjoys philanthropy, music, song writing and performance. In 2012 they were recognized as Fayetteville's 40 Under 40, for their engagement and service to the community. They currently advocate through blogs, interviews and presentations to propagate accurate information, education, and understanding of dissociative identity disorder. 

Heather enjoys writing, singing and jamming with their music friends in the Kirtan Bliss Band. They also utilize art, gardening and cooking new and exciting meals as self care in their free time.

Monica Z. Osburn, PhD, LCMHC-S
Clinical Director/Psychotherapist

Pronouns (She/Her)

Dr. Monica Z. Osburn is the Executive Director of a prestigious College Counseling Center and a clinician with 25 years of clinical experience. Prior to her current University position, she was the Director of the Counseling Center at The University of North Carolina at Pembroke for 10 years.
She is the Past President of the American College Counseling Association and member of AUCCCD  she is actively involved in encouraging scholarship and practice for college counselors. As a Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor Supervisor, Dr. Osburn believes in a multidisciplinary approach to treatment. She has worked with adolescents and adults across the lifespan. Dr. Osburn was a co-chair of the young adult group for the LGBTQ lifespan task force and illuminate guide as well as a past member of American Counseling Association’s ethics committee and current Governing Council representative to the American Counseling Association. She was most recently recognized as an AUCCCD lifetime achievement award winner in 2018 and Director of the Year in 2017. As a private practice clinician, Dr. Osburn’s approach involves using techniques grounded in CBT, hypnosis and family systems. She believes in meeting clients where they are, assisting them in developing skills for coping as well as
working through a trauma informed lens. Dr. Osburn has significant experience working with dissociative identity disorder, sexual abuse trauma and sex offending behavior.

Shannon Melanie Pingitore
Practice Manager

Pronouns (She/Her)

Shannon Pingitore is committed to the best business practice, dating back to her first moving to Fayetteville, NC.  She began as the Refractive Coordinator at Cape Fear Eye, and then moved into creating her current business of the last 17 years, Carolina Pet Care Services, Inc. Prior to her animal working days, she worked for ten years as an Office Manager with a prestigious security company in The Hamptons (Long Island, NY).  This position gave her the experience needed to deal with high-profile clients and the security of their homes on a daily basis.

Shannon makes sure the connections happen, between insurance company and Healing Selves, and insurance company and clinician.  She also manages the day to day activities of the practice, such as daily reminders to clinicians, as well handling business finances.