Areas of Expertise

Counseling and Substance Use Counseling

Counseling is the collaborative process of exploring situations, and experiences to ease emotional/mental discomfort. Together, we will create a flexible treatment plan to address your individual desired outcomes. Counseling is offered in office or via tele-therapy.

I am also a licensed clinical addiction specialist and can assist in creating and evaluating harm reduction plans congruent with where you are in the staging process.

Mindfulness-based Stress Reduction

Mindfulness is simply the practice of recognizing, increasing, and enhancing awareness. The benefits of mindfulness practice are evidenced by improved cardiovascular health, decrease in anxiety, improved sleep, and stronger immune system.

Clinical Hypnosis

Clinical Hypnosis is a tool used by trained professionals to facilitate the trance state. Trance is a naturally occurring phenomenon in which one is able to more readily access both psychological and physiological abilities. The vehicle through which we communicate messages to the unconscious mind is called suggestion. Individuals, through trance, are more open to positive suggestion, which allows them to make the changes desired in their life.

My Approach

My counseling approach is eclectic, systemic, holistic and humanistic.  As a mindfulness-based, existential therapist, my goal is to provide the means and the guidance to support you in finding the internal and external resources to create the life you desire. Our work may focus on changing thoughts, feelings, and behaviors as well as taking a developmental look at where problems may have originated.  Together, in a collaborative process, we will develop goals and interventions that are tailored to your unique and specific needs.
As a therapist, it is my main objective to assist you in challenging the barriers that prevent you from living your best life. Sometimes this happens in the form of therapeutic homework, or a chapter of assigned reading. Often you will have "homework" that involves creating space for creative expression (ie journal, collage, music, art).

This is a journey and I'm looking forward to accompanying you!


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